Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm Sick too!!

Well yesterday was the 2nd and last craft fair for the year. It went OK, my ornaments sold like hot cakes. I woke up yesterday monring not feeling well, and feel worse today, ugh!!

So... I left the kids home with Daddy yesterday. OMMessy apartment whe I got home!! The kids were still in jammies (it was after 4PM). Granted the kiddies are both sick, but Alexa will show no signs of weakness. Wil, well Daddy held him all day long!! So of course he would not sleep last night if he wasn't being held!! So guess who held him, yup that was Daddys punnishment, LOL!! Poor Alexa had to miss her party, boo hoo. Heather came by before I got home and dropped off cake, and put Alexa down for a nap. Thank you Heather!!

David, David and Michelle came over last night. We had a good time, pizza and ice cream, just like a kids birthday party, LOL!!

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Jill said...

Cute pic of Bill but why, exactly, is he snuggling with Alexa's bear? LOL!