Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3 Years Ago.....

3 years ago today was one of the bestest days of my entire life!! Exactly 3 years ago today we finally brought our little baby girl home from the hospital!! It was a long Feb and most of March driving back and forth to White Plains Hospital in the snow. We had so much snow that winter. There was only 1 day that I could not make it to the hospital, and thanks to the amazing NICU nurses It was OK. They let me talk to Alexa in her incubator, and they gave me updates every couple of hours. Gosh all of those days just seemed to blend into one... wake up shower spend 10 hours at the NICU, go home cook dinner eat dinner with Bill and go back to the NICU until 1 AM.

Then the day finally came!!! She had no apnea for over 2 weeks and was 4 1/2 pounds and could finally come home!! She was so tiny we had to put a beanie baby in her seat to keep her from shifting, and 3 rolled up receiving blankies. We were so nervouse in the car, LOL!! Looking back it was so funny Bill said "OK we get her home and seal the bubble until she is 40"...."she is staying with mommy and daddy forever!!"

Well that was 3 years ago and right now my peanut is watching Dragon Tales in her Cinderella dress, with the Jasmine hat on.

I did a cute LO of my lil' Princess last night as a DT project for www.thescrappingedge.net

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm Back!!

OK so I have not Blogged in a bit, but here I am at 11:17PM wide awake bloggin' my heart out, LOL!! I have my iTunes playin' (Far behind by Candlebox on right now). I LOVE this song, I think it is from like 1993, YIKES!!!

Well I am freezing, we were spoiled by the 84 degree weather this past week. Now it is 50 and I feel like I am barefoot in Alaska!! I should just be happy I am not still in NY where they may have SNOW this weekend. I am so over snow, LOL sorry everyone still in snow country.

I got my XPC and am so in LOVE!! I think that is where I have been instead of bloggin'. I suggest anyone on the fence about it go for it!! I did my LO for my swap on GTTLC and so wish it were for me. I may have to lift my own LO!! I have really been taking my time with my LO's lately. I love having my studio and being able to justleave a LO and get back to it.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Naps are good!!

Wow my kids need to nap!! The guys were here putting in the LR carpet this AM, and it took a while, so the kids did not get to nap like usual. BOY O BOY can they show how much they needed that scheduled nap!!!!!!! I am super happy with the carpet though, and it was well worth the lil' grumps!! Alexa will be so heart broken when the furniture comes and she no longer has a ball room!! Poor kid. We have big plans for her on Friday. Bill is off and even though the furniture is coming, someone is taking that kid to Chuckie Cheese!! We went to the LSS on Saturday and I let he pick out her own scrap stuff. She got Chuckie CHeese paper and Dora stickers. Too Stinkin' Cute!!

I got my GD kit in the mail from www.just4keeps.com yesterday. WOW I love these DD Lullabye papers!! Kathy and the ladies at J4K put together a great kit!! I had to rip right into it. I have done a frame and 2 LO's so far.

We had our crop Saturday with www.thescrappingedge.net It was so much fun. I had a great time with the challenges. I did 3 LO's.

Dalis post an awesome ksetch on GTTLC and I had to use it!! I did an LO with the rest of my PP from the AWESOME gift from my Valentine. Thank you so much again Theresa.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Well for the first time in the longest Bill will be off tomorrow, so I can actually say TGIF!! It is only 41 degrees right now, BRRRRRR!! Yesterday it went up to 76 degrees. I LOVE VA!! Everyone back up in NY was getting snow ands sleet and ice, while we were eating lunch outside, LOL!! Sorry guys. We were outside all day yesterday, it was fantastic to have my babies playing in their yard. Aunt Flo stopped by and I feel really yicky.

Big scrap news for this weekrnd is the cyber crop at www.thescrappingedge.net I did a LO last night I LOVE!! I did 2 during the day while I was outside, they were OK I like the first of the 2 pages.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thank you Amy!!

I just wanted to thank Amy for giving me so much help with my blog!! Not only is she doing the really cool monday challenge, but she fixed that cute pic up there, yup the one up there at the top with the title init!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!

Today was filled with highs and lows. First off Alexa once again came all of the way accross the house to say she had to go pee pee, instead of just going in her bathroom!! Yup too late she piddled right next to the potty, she tooktoo long. No I was not mad, I was just tired, and now had to change her clothes. So ofcoures I went back to her bed to sleep (that means not much sleep at all). Bill went in to worklate today, so we had some good family time in the AM. I was able to get some work done which was good.

The mailman came bearing tons of goodies today!! My PINK QK!!! A box full of some fun alterables, the sparkle QK die, and a sweetwater kit!! Then we opened the real mail, YUCK!! The STOOPID Verizon bill!! I have had Verizon trauma before, and todays billwas OUT OF CONTROLL!! I called all pissy, and I got the NICEST most wonderful lady on the phone, she actually really helped me!! My Verizon bill will now be about $30 less a month!!

Well I really have not scrapped much in the past 2 days. I made a PB album from a kit I bought before Christmas. It came out super cute!! I think I am going to send it to my SIL!! Other than that not too much else, 1 LO of my bug.