Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm Back!!

OK so I have not Blogged in a bit, but here I am at 11:17PM wide awake bloggin' my heart out, LOL!! I have my iTunes playin' (Far behind by Candlebox on right now). I LOVE this song, I think it is from like 1993, YIKES!!!

Well I am freezing, we were spoiled by the 84 degree weather this past week. Now it is 50 and I feel like I am barefoot in Alaska!! I should just be happy I am not still in NY where they may have SNOW this weekend. I am so over snow, LOL sorry everyone still in snow country.

I got my XPC and am so in LOVE!! I think that is where I have been instead of bloggin'. I suggest anyone on the fence about it go for it!! I did my LO for my swap on GTTLC and so wish it were for me. I may have to lift my own LO!! I have really been taking my time with my LO's lately. I love having my studio and being able to justleave a LO and get back to it.

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