Monday, August 28, 2006

Woo Hoo!!

I scrapped my brains out this weekend!! I just scrapped til I could scrap no more..... took a break, then back to scrappin! Had fun with crop!! Lot's of wrok but FUN!!

Did a couple LO's for we are doing a little Cherry Arte, and Basci Grey challenge!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So not the weekend....

Ugh it is So not the weekend so not the weekend yet. It is only Tuesday and I feel like a month has passed since Sunday. I love that the dog is trained to "go" outside but not loving it so much at 12:30 AM or 2:30 AM. Anyone have any advice on how to make her stop eating the kids toys??

Alexa starts school sooooo soon. I cannot belive my little baby is going to school. Wil is going to miss her terribly!!

Dad is not doing very good and I am so sad I can't even Blog it!

I am all set for the crop!! Woo Hoo will it be fun!! I uploaded all my DT LO's up into the gallery last night. I am so happy with my work this month!! I am so happy I had enough kit to make crop examples and I still have a bit to crop with too!! YEAH I love the Piggy Tales papers!!

The above LO is from the challenge. I ave to admit cutting out those pics was fun!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stress on Saturday

Well my Dad is home from the hospital and shoul dnot be. I knew my Mom woul dnot be able to handle him. Both physically and mentally this is just too much for her. Sometime you really have to wonder if the Dr really assesed the entire situation!! My parents are in their late 70's!! How is she supposed to be able to care for him!! He is in and out of lucidity, weak, and just too much for her. I want more than anything to go up and help her, but I just can't have the kids there. I can't have the kids seeing siezures, and seeing Grandpa go around asking if he can "go home" etc...

I need to escape from reality for 48 hours!! The dog had the runs last night and I had to take her out 3 times between 2 and 5. The baby did not even sleep in his bed for a second last night and he was way too snuggly. So I am working on 2 hours of sleep. I just want some quiet scrap time!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

I made a poor attempt for the Piggy Tales DT, and the Scenic Route DT this week. I found out about both the day they were due so I will not be too sad when I don't get a call. I have been scrappin my brains out this week for the mental vacation it provides, and the ability to preserve every second of my babies childhood!! I am almost ready for the crop next weekend. I hope lot's join in the fun!! We are so laid back with out crops it makes it really fun and enjoyable for all!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ups & Downs

Well we know what is wrong with my Dad. He has alzheimers. I am so so upset!! One positive is that it is not cancer, which was what we feared the most. In all honesty I don't think either is good, and I just want my Dad to be healthy and live forever!!

Well At 3AM I hear a loud POP!! Well Mr Fatty Fat Pants (that would be Wil) broke the gate off the crib, YIKES!! SO first thing this AM he officially became a big boy with the Jr Bed. Not like he sleeps in the crib much maybe 12 Hours a WEEK!

Guess what I have in my kitchen!! Well it also arrived this AM!! A DISHWASHER!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Bye Bye dishpan hands!

Came home from buying Wil new shoes due to the dog eating the last pair BAD DOG!! There in my mail box were 2 tickets from EZ Pass in NJ from June, UGH!! And my W-9 and design contract from Paper Crafts for my Tags!! Woo Hoo!!

I won a prize from during the crop on Tuesday!! Woo Hoo I never win anything. I also got some cute LO's done!! I am posting the one I won the prize for.

I got my DT kit and have been scrapping my brains out! Don't forget to join us for the crop the weekend of the 25th!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Julie Who??

Oh yes the girl who can't remember to blog, LOL!!!

Well it has finally happened the baby says something other than "this"!! Woo Hoo!! Now we are blessed with "Ut Oh" all day long !! OMG it is so cute in his little voice!!

I was locked out of the house until 11PM with the kids last night (to long a story to even blog about), and came home to 4 messages from my mom!! My dad is in the hospital. They think he is having siezures. He is having lots of testing done today so should know more very soon. I wish I could be up there for my mom.

I am anxioulsy awaitng my TSE dt kit!! Should be here in a couple hours!!