Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Best Night Ever

Last night was just so great, I really can't explain it well enough! We took the kids to go see Santa. Will was having fun online looking at the christmas "stuff" all around. Alexa was so excited to see the Big Man!! I was so proud of her, it was our turn. She went over to Santa, and he asked her the big question "what do you want for christmas Alexa", and she promptly replied "a Nemo Book", I was amamzed at how well she did!! Good thing we got her the Story Book Reader with the Nemo book, aye, LOL!!

Then we were typical mall visitors, we got Pretzels (which Daddy eat so fast!!), and took her to a surprise place. We went to Build a Bear, sha loved it!! She was a little confused in the beginning, but then she just wanted every outfit for her "princess Bear". She loved putting the heart inside the bear, and has taken that bear everywhere since last night. Even on her trip this AM to Daddys store. I think that trip was so important for her. With the babay I think sometime she just misses having all of the attention. She is not bratty about it, but I think the trip and the bear were a great thing for Alexa, and just Alexa!!

My scrap day yesterday was OK. I did a LO with those awesome KF Princess papers. I cut the letters out and distressed and matted them on white core CS, then I covered them with glitter Mod Podge (which I love). I also dry brushed the glitter MP over the LO, but you can't tell in the scan. I also used the MM square rhinestone brads which I am loving too!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!! The kids and I went to Heather and Mikes for Mikes Birthday, and yummy cake!! There were lots of kids and Alexa had a ball!! She ran around like a chicken. Wil made a new girl friend, lol. He was such a good boy I am so proud.

Scrap wise I did make mike a card, and did my daily LO. I really like this one, and I was surprised the paper worked for it. The journaling is hidden behind the pics.

Wil slept through the night last night, and I am hoping for the same tonight. We will see!

Sunday Past

So we all got up early yesterday morning. Bill and Alexa went to race the RC cars with Uncle Robbie and Jovan. I was home with Wil. I di d1 LO but I am not loving it. I tried to run errands with him but he was just too grumpy. He took a short nap, twice, but he was just a grumpa-lump!!

I made a pot of sauece and sausage, and we had a big amccaroni dinner when they fianlly got home at about 5:30!! After dinner it was tubby time. Then we decorated the tree, I let Alexa and Daddy do the ornaments this year. I put all of the lights on in the morning, by myself 2 times faster than it usually takes Bill, LOL!!

Alexa went to bed about 8, and the rest of us followed at 8:30. I AM SO MAD I MISSED DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!! Amazingly the baby has slept all night, for the first time in a couple of months!! Woo Hoo!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


I remember being younger, looking forward to shopping my day away on Saturday. LOL not anymore. Sometimes it just seems like time is flying by and I missed something. I cannot believe we are moving in just about a month!! So carzy, I am waiting for it to fully hit me. It is creaping in little by little, but WOW it's a comming!!!

I really want to get the tree up and lights on it tonight. Then tomorrow when Bill is out playing I can put on the ornaments with Lexi. I am so happy that the kids shopping is done, I could not imagine trying to get it done now. We really have to start packing, yikes!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

It's Friday??

Really, I cannot believe that it is Friday already, I think I missed a day. Well I am feeling better today abou tmy Mom. I will just let it go. If she wants to speak to us or see the kids then it is on her, so there!!

I was productive today!! Laundry, lunch, dinner (2 different ones) paid bills, bought myself presents at printed out all of the envelopes for the christmas card exchange, just need to make a few more cards!! I did c-n-s to get some packages out of here and where they belong.

My favorite parts of the day were reading the 3 little pigs obver and over to the kids!! They love that story sooo much it is too cute!! And I scrapped a LO I am really happy with today!! One of my favorites!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tension on Turkey Day

So we all got showered and dressed and drove up to my sisters. My nephew Adam was there and it was wonderful to see him, he is a man now. No longer a boy at 23 years old, he was so great with the kids, and that just warmed my heart!! There was 4 inches of snow and Alexa had a blast playing outside, she had so interest in coming back inside, lol. My sister and her boyfriend were great with the kids, and I can't say enough about the amazing meal she cooked for us.

Well then there were my parents, UGH!!! My mother did not even kiss or hug the baby all day, not ONCE. That just makes me so mad!! She was obnoxious to Bill and snotty and materialistic and pretentious!! She spent plenty of time cuddling with her dog, but not her grandkids!! During dinner you would think that the Granma that hasn't seen the kids in 4 months would want to be near them, right!! Not My mom!! Oh no, she did not even acknowledge them and was in deep conversations with strangers!! Then when we were playing with the kids later on she was whispering about Bill and I to my Dad. I can't believe she is my mother!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just want to wish all Blog readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!! We will be spending it with my sister, nephew, sisters boyfriend, and my parents. I hope my Mom can be nice today to both my kids and me!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Scrappy Life

Wow I have not blogged in forever!!! Things have been going haywire, and have now finally calmed down, thank goodness. Let me get the basic life stuff out of the way...... the deposit went down on the house, but we are still mortgage shopping (scary stuff I tell ya), we started packing (that shouldn't take too long ), my babies are fantastic!! getiing bigger and better everyday, well except for the fact that Wil requires absolutely no sleep at all what so ever!!, there is a flu shot shortage again (of course) so we get out of having to go to the Dr with the kids, woohoo for me that is great news!

Last Saturday Vicky and I did the first of 2 craft fairs. It was very slow (I did make a profit, yeah!!). I was having nightmares that I sold everything and was going to have to stay awake until the 3rd to make all new stuff (yikes that would have been terrible). Te second one is much closer to home and in a busy location so we should SCORE!! I can't wait to get all of this stuff out of here I am sooo out of room it is scary.

Other than yesterday I have been keeping up with my daily scrapping, it is like therapy to get that page done everyday!! I love the challenges on they really keep me going, and all of the ladies there are so talented and such sweethearts!!

I found out on Sunday that I have been asked to join a Design Team!! Woo Hoo I am so excited!! It will be for I love her kits they are so full of goodies it will be a blast!! Amber has a great personality too, so I know I will love it!!

Well now to the Noodles, oye Vey!! I am so happy the drama is over, finally!! It all came to fruition yesterday and I am so pleased to say that there will be no more drama!! I am so thankful to have friends like Jill and Crystal, and all of the Noodles and now it is a much happier place to be!!