Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tension on Turkey Day

So we all got showered and dressed and drove up to my sisters. My nephew Adam was there and it was wonderful to see him, he is a man now. No longer a boy at 23 years old, he was so great with the kids, and that just warmed my heart!! There was 4 inches of snow and Alexa had a blast playing outside, she had so interest in coming back inside, lol. My sister and her boyfriend were great with the kids, and I can't say enough about the amazing meal she cooked for us.

Well then there were my parents, UGH!!! My mother did not even kiss or hug the baby all day, not ONCE. That just makes me so mad!! She was obnoxious to Bill and snotty and materialistic and pretentious!! She spent plenty of time cuddling with her dog, but not her grandkids!! During dinner you would think that the Granma that hasn't seen the kids in 4 months would want to be near them, right!! Not My mom!! Oh no, she did not even acknowledge them and was in deep conversations with strangers!! Then when we were playing with the kids later on she was whispering about Bill and I to my Dad. I can't believe she is my mother!!

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Shell said...

(((hugs))) I'm so sorry your mother behaved that way! I can totally relate... although it's my Mother-in-law who acts that way, and thankfully we rarely have to deal with her anymore. Time to just focus on the positive and let the rest slide, I guess.