Monday, August 14, 2006

Julie Who??

Oh yes the girl who can't remember to blog, LOL!!!

Well it has finally happened the baby says something other than "this"!! Woo Hoo!! Now we are blessed with "Ut Oh" all day long !! OMG it is so cute in his little voice!!

I was locked out of the house until 11PM with the kids last night (to long a story to even blog about), and came home to 4 messages from my mom!! My dad is in the hospital. They think he is having siezures. He is having lots of testing done today so should know more very soon. I wish I could be up there for my mom.

I am anxioulsy awaitng my TSE dt kit!! Should be here in a couple hours!!

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JanTGrits said...

Hey Miss Julie Who? Love your "tunes" on your blog, now if I could only get my blog to play music! I'm such a granny techno wannabe! Sitting here to write you a couple of emails before the time gets away!