Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3 Years Ago.....

3 years ago today was one of the bestest days of my entire life!! Exactly 3 years ago today we finally brought our little baby girl home from the hospital!! It was a long Feb and most of March driving back and forth to White Plains Hospital in the snow. We had so much snow that winter. There was only 1 day that I could not make it to the hospital, and thanks to the amazing NICU nurses It was OK. They let me talk to Alexa in her incubator, and they gave me updates every couple of hours. Gosh all of those days just seemed to blend into one... wake up shower spend 10 hours at the NICU, go home cook dinner eat dinner with Bill and go back to the NICU until 1 AM.

Then the day finally came!!! She had no apnea for over 2 weeks and was 4 1/2 pounds and could finally come home!! She was so tiny we had to put a beanie baby in her seat to keep her from shifting, and 3 rolled up receiving blankies. We were so nervouse in the car, LOL!! Looking back it was so funny Bill said "OK we get her home and seal the bubble until she is 40"...."she is staying with mommy and daddy forever!!"

Well that was 3 years ago and right now my peanut is watching Dragon Tales in her Cinderella dress, with the Jasmine hat on.

I did a cute LO of my lil' Princess last night as a DT project for www.thescrappingedge.net

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