Monday, December 19, 2005

6 More Days!!

Until Santa comes!! Woo Hoo!! Alexa so gets Christmas, and Santa this year!! Right now she is watching a Princess Christmas video. Yesterday was a blast!! Santa Came up here yesterday, Alexa was so excited to see him on the Fire Engine!! Of course it would have been noce if he would have stopped to say hi to the kids as he left one of the neighbors apartment :(, none-the-less Alexa was so happy!! Then last night we went to see Christmas lights, we went to WP and to Harrison. I can't wait until both kids are big enough to understand, Wil slept in the car and Alexa and I got out to look around at the house in Harrison. I think she was a little overwhelmed.

Scrappy wise, I accomplished 3 LO's yesterday. I was going crazy packing boxes and when I am stressed I scrap better I think.

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