Thursday, February 25, 2010

guess what i made today...

mmmmmm powdered sugar!!!

i picked up 2 different size heart cookie cutters the other day at michaels left over from valentines day. they were 23 cents each!!! all i kept thinking about was making linzer tarts!!!!

i used this sugar cookie recipe from alton brown ( i love him!)

i made them dairy free by replacing the butter with margarine, and milk with soy milk. i also reduced the sugar by 3 tablespoons.


i scrapped!! i gave up my march wip kit playing dt on willow traders. well i couldn't live without the kit!!!


the kit is soooo much fun!! it has this cool tulle (brown my favorite color) so i remembered this fabric flower tutorial on the wip blog.

it's my day to do a post on the everyday scrapper, and i got down to business.

well let me just tell you how little tulle and glue get along lol

so i came up with this idea to cover the glue mess on my tulle.

i lightly pressed the flower into the glue pad. then sprinkled on the glitter! it was a great cover up and who doesn't love a little extra sparkle!

now run on over to wip and pick up this kit!!!



Trish said...

JULIE!~Love what you did with the kit, and that tulle flower is beautiful!! TFS!! Glad you liked the goods!! Hugs! xo

Michelle said...

loving the sneek peeks girlY! i soo w ant a kit and i know its girly but I REALLY REALLY want it!!!lord help me resist it i want that material kit..!!haha

Michelle said...

oh and tell Bill 1 cookie is enough its HUGE!!