Friday, January 22, 2010

lot's to share

soooo i decided since i never scrap on my desk, and it was such a total disaster area (scary actually!) that i needed a new plan for my spot.

i think this is a much better solution for me. it is so much neater! i just grab what i want to use and go find a comfy spot to scrap (coffee table, kitchen counter, etc...)

i am so very happy with it!

these three are from assorted wip kits (you know how much i love a wip kit!!!!) i used the letter paper to disguise the title on the lo with ds and the rhinos butt lol!!!!

these were both done with apron strings goodies!



angie gutshall said...

You've been busy :) Great job on all your layouts! Love that you mixed kits.

Rebecca In MI said...

you know if it works for you....for myself, I need to keep my stuff contained in my room...

Loved seeing your work!

Merrilee said...

What a great group of layouts, love them all!

Amy Bender said...

Rhino butt! Too funny! My son would LOVE this LO!

Anonymous said...

rhino butt... major LOL!!!!... that is my fav... LOL!!!!

so busy... LOVE IT!!!!

-- dalis

where is the cupcake banner!!!!!

Lori Gentile said...

Totally awesome projects!!! Great job on the organization, by the way.

Nathalie said...

You are always so productive! Very nice pages!

emelyn said...

WTG for re-organizing. My room is always such a mess! I need to find a better solution, too!

I love what you did with the letter paper. And what a funny picture..LOL!