Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LEO #8 swirlie flowers

here is my leo #8. these flowers used to be the big thing when i was a kid, and it was great to play like a kid again!! * i also cut apart a prima bling swirl to accentuate my title!

you'll need paper, ink, scissor, and you can use a pencil, but i like the tight center a small pliers gives me!

cut you circle (i just freehand it) and thencut round and round until you get to the center. i leave a little big in the center, so it pops out. i also like to rub a little ink on it, but it is not necessary.

now for the fun! grab the center with your pliers, and start swirling round and round tightly. when you release it from the pliers it will uncurl a little.

and they are all done! i use craft glue dots on my page to adhere them.



Nevis said...

Great tutorial! Do you hold the pliers at an angle so that the paper kinda like...angles outwards a little, or does it just naturally do that?

About what was the size of your circle accross? 2 1/2"?

Sarah said...

wow Julie! Those flowers are so awesome they are making me actually want to scrap (and Ive had zero mojo) too bad my stuff is packed.

Trish said...

I'm SO trying this today!! Thanks for the inspo!! Hugs!

twinkles11 said...

way cool! i gotta try this. LOVE the layout BTW!