Friday, December 08, 2006

What would you do??

Ok so a couple of months ago I was supposed to work on a project with a store/kit club. It was supposed to be a project of MY DESIGN for their blog with instructions and such.

We all know how crazy my life has been lately. I had some time this AM to just surf, so I checked out above mentioned blog, and, well a very similar project is there. SO NOT as nice as mine, but it was there. Now I am thinking... what the hay!!!! That is just wrong. We have had many discussions on boards about DTers lifting and how unkooth that is. Now for a store owner to take someones idea and use it when they have no more affiliation with this designer is SERIOUSLY WRONG!!!!!

What do you think?? Is it wrong??


Julie said...

Thank you everyone who came to me privately to express your feelings on this!!

Carla said...

Uh...yes it's wrong! No doubt about it. But some people can't come up with an original idea and have to copy others. It's a shame that it's a site owner.

Alicia said...

Ohm that's tough Julie, Sorry to hear it.

JanTGrits said...

Scraplifting is only ok if you use it for your self! It does not give everyone a free for all to just steal ideas and sell them as their own! I know that designing for a company has strict rules that states you can't even use another person's sketch!

I'd at least write them a letter letting them know you noticed the outstanding simmilarity and tell them you don't appreciate it! I doubt that you could get far leally! Too darned expensive!

MA said...

What is the project? I would like to see the similarities before commenting. Because we all at some point use inspiration from somewhere. I mean - I wasn't the first to use brads in flowers and don't consider that scraplifting. Please post so I can see.