Tuesday, May 24, 2011

rainbow birthday cake

omw was this yummy!!!
this was nicole's birthday cake!
a lot of work considering i only have 2 9"pans lol
thanks to my hubby and bestest friends for the amazing
mothers day gift of a kitchen aid classic!!!
i'm not giving away my cake reicipe (sorry)
but i will give a few tips
i use my own cake recipe, but you could use a
white mix and color
i used black cherry koolaid (the little envelope kind) for
the top layer and orange for the bottom to give
color and flavor!
i just went with my sturdy whipped cream frosting
recipe (shared in march 2011)
use powder or gel colors. liquids add liquid to your
recipe. depending on what recipe
you use that might not be good.



Amy Bender said...

cool Beans, Julie!! You going to make me a shades of Pink cake in January?? Pretty please!! :)

Mitralee said...

LOVE that cake!! It looks yummy! Wish it was for my birthday!! And your frosting has worked for me many times, I can't even tell you how many times I've used your receipe. Although, I have subsituted vanilla because I haven't had almond until just the other day. Think I better make something yummy and try the almond, don't you think?

Leah Crowe said...

but.. but.. i neeed a good cake recipe. this looks so delicious gf.. amazing colors here!! I may make one soon.. been meaning to. :)