Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Much Going On!!

It just feels like there is a million things going on right now, and there is not!! I cannot believe how long it takes to get a well baby visit here in VA!! Maybe we should not have picked the popular Dr?? Well My parents came and went and they only came to see us 1 time for a few hours. Really puts things into a new perspective!!

Alexa is having trouble sleeping in her room!! She wakes up all night long and turns on the light ceiling fan and TV. All of a sudden she says she is scared of the dark. A friend suggested a lava lamp!! I think I am going to try and find one today and a princess radio!! Maybe that will work. Her not sleeping is really affecting everyone now and it has been almost a week.

The weather is FAB!!! It has been so beautiful!! Bill myself and the baby were in the yard last night until about 8 last night. We had dessert and coffee out there. What a great feeling!! Things may be tight money wise, but times like that make all the move worth it!! I so want everyone to come visit!!

I am waiting on a ton of scrappy mail!! Cropper Hopper boxes for monograms alphas rubons and stickers!! Both DT packages!! I just got enough pics in the mail to do 30 LO's!! So I should be busy!!

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