Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bad Blogger

Why can I never get myself to do this?? Well Easter is over, and was so much fun!! The kids had a blast with the egg hunt. We had a BBQ and enjoyed the beautiful day. Very rainy today, thank goodness for Sprout!! I think I will just give a run down on what the kids are upto...

Alexa can spell her name
She is learning to play her V-Smile
Wil is trying to use a fork
He gives kisses
They both love the beach, no fear of the water

I have not been scrapping every day, but have been able to get more then 1 LO done on the days I do scrap. I am lovin' all the new stuff I have been getting!! Alexa is becoming a very good scrapper for a 3 year old!! I have all her papers and stickers and glue set-up for her. She is too cute!!

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Tami said...

Oh, I'm jealous!! You get to go to the BEACH!!! Our beaches don't open up around here until the end of May because even though it's been nice, the water's still COLD!! Loved those last two layouts. Hey, what do you think-- should I buy the QK Stiletto?