Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Well I really want to just vent a little today!! I am so tired of the kids not sleeping well or not sleepinf in their own beds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to be alone with Bill in bed for 1 night!!! They are totally adjusted to the house, they are just such bad sleepers. I can understand the baby he has got the worst diaper rash ever!! If anyone has any helpful hints for that please post them!!!

I kinda started working today, but my printer was not ver cooperative, so I just typed up what I had to and e-mailed it in to be printed. It is so hard trying to work at home with the kids running around and crying and such. Anyone have and hints on that feel free to post those too.

I do feel very creative in the house. I think I have been doing some of my best scrapping here!! I really love my space I just need to put up shelves DESPERATLY, I can't find a thing so I am taking forever to finish a LO. I really need Bill to take down the GIANT mirror over the scrap area so I can get this place organised.

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